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# =============================================================================
# This is the official example config for Conduit.
# If you use it for your server, you will need to adjust it to your own needs.
# At the very least, change the server_name field!
# =============================================================================
# The server_name is the pretty name of this server. It is used as a suffix for user
# and room ids. Examples:,
# The Conduit server needs all /_matrix/ requests to be reachable at
# on port 443 (client-server) and 8448 (federation).
# If that's not possible for you, you can create /.well-known files to redirect
# requests. See
# and
# for more information
#server_name = ""
# This is the only directory where Conduit will save its data
database_path = "/var/lib/matrix-conduit/"
database_backend = "rocksdb"
# The port Conduit will be running on. You need to set up a reverse proxy in
# your web server (e.g. apache or nginx), so all requests to /_matrix on port
# 443 and 8448 will be forwarded to the Conduit instance running on this port
# Docker users: Don't change this, you'll need to map an external port to this.
port = 6167
# Max size for uploads
max_request_size = 20_000_000 # in bytes
# Enables registration. If set to false, no users can register on this server.
allow_registration = true
allow_federation = true
# Enable the display name lightning bolt on registration.
enable_lightning_bolt = true
trusted_servers = [""]
#max_concurrent_requests = 100 # How many requests Conduit sends to other servers at the same time
#log = "warn,state_res=warn,rocket=off,_=off,sled=off"
address = "" # This makes sure Conduit can only be reached using the reverse proxy
#address = "" # If Conduit is running in a container, make sure the reverse proxy (ie. Traefik) can reach it.