7125 Commits (underscore-world)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  rinpatch 0d2814ec8e Metadata: Move restriction check from Feed provider to activated_providers 1 month ago
  Mark Felder 2011142ed9 Use :restrict_unauthenticated testing for more granular control 1 month ago
  Mark Felder a85ed6defb Do not serve RSS/Atom feeds when instance is private 1 month ago
  Mark Felder 14d07081fd Feed provider only generates a redirect, so always activate it. 1 month ago
  Mark Felder ff07014b26 Disable providers of user and status metadata when instance is private 1 month ago
  Mark Felder 630444ee08 Do not make RelMe metadata provider optional. 1 month ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier 947ee55ae2 user: harden get_friends_query(), get_followers_query() and their wrappers 1 month ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier 16c451f8f1 search: Apply following filter only when user is usable 1 month ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier 10ef532c63 AP C2S: Restrict character limit on Note 3 months ago
  Egor Kislitsyn a781ac6ca5 Fix atom leak in AdminAPIController 4 months ago
  rinpatch 27c3973b78 Merge branch 'temp-hackney-fix' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  rinpatch 7490b76bbf Merge branch 'fix/upload-filter-exiftool-webp' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  Alexander Strizhakov 87d2805791
combo fixes 1 month ago
  rinpatch 4b76d7ce67 Merge branch 'fix/admin-controller-atom-leak' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  lain 9b85592b8b Merge branch 'fix/rich-media-fake-statuses' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  rinpatch 964bc8e2e8 Merge branch 'bugfix/favicon-too-long' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  feld 43b07c31cb Merge branch 'fix/2095-deactivated-account-reset' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  rinpatch dccbed856d Merge branch 'http-fixes' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  rinpatch ea4b6c64d6 Merge branch 'feat/rich-media-improvements' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  rinpatch 8c3241df44 Merge branch 'fix/2047-rich-media-parser' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  rinpatch 13e606941c Merge branch 'fix/2087-metadata' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  rinpatch 74d46a1b09 Merge branch 'secfix/search-crash' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  rinpatch 84acfab156 Merge branch 'fix-searching-following' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  rinpatch 718c7cc847 Merge branch 'fix/apc2s-limits' into 'develop' 1 month ago
  Mark Felder 4ea07f74e9 Revert/simplify. 1 month ago
  Mark Felder 216c84a8f4 Bypass the filter based on content-type as well in case a webp image is uploaded with the wrong file extension. 1 month ago
  Mark Felder 2165a24974 Improve upload filter return values so we can identify when filters make no changes to the input 1 month ago
  Mark Felder fa347b9c2f Fix uploading webp image files when Exiftool Upload Filter is enabled 2 months ago
  Alibek Omarov 95688c90ad ForceBotUnlistedPolicy: simplify code 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 8b695c3eeb ForceBotUnlistedPolicy: format 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 699224a900 ForceBotUnlistedPolicy: initial add, tiny clean up from my previous version 1 month ago
  Alexander Strizhakov 18d21aed00
deprecation warnings 1 month ago
  Alexander Strizhakov 696bf09433
passing adapter options directly without adapter key 1 month ago
  Alexander Strizhakov a83916fdac
adapter options unification 1 month ago
  Alexander Strizhakov ee67c98e55
removing Stats worker from Oban cron jobs 1 month ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier 08aef7dd4e
instance: Log catch favicon errors as warnings 1 month ago
  rinpatch 170599c390 RichMedia: do not log webpages missing metadata as errors 1 month ago
  rinpatch 129a2f48df ConnectionPool middleware: handle connection opening errors 1 month ago
  rinpatch 9d6aca5bee ConnectionPool: fix the previous hotfix 1 month ago
  rinpatch 5298de3be6 ConnectionPool middleware: fix a crash due to unimplemented behaviour 1 month ago
  rinpatch e198ba492e Rich Media: Do not cache URLs for preview statuses 1 month ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier 0d91f65284
Prevent AccountView and instance.get_or_update_favicon fails 1 month ago
  rinpatch 10da13c713 ConnectionPool middleware: Fix connection leak on ReverseProxy redirects 1 month ago
  Alexander Strizhakov 473458b0fb
fix for ReverseProxy 1 month ago
  Alexander Strizhakov 8bd2b6eb13
temp hackney fix 1 month ago
  rinpatch d34fe2840d HTTP: radically simplify pool checkin/checkout 1 month ago
  lain 581f382e71 ListController: DRY up stuff. 1 month ago
  Mark Felder cbf7f0e029 Disallow password resets for deactivated accounts. 1 month ago
  rinpatch d48fc90978 StatusView: Start fetching rich media cards as soon as possible 1 month ago
  Alexander Strizhakov a11f23c130
user agent if Endpoint is not started yet 1 month ago