Local copy of Pleroma, an ActivityPub server software. Contains modifications running live on fedi.underscore.world
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feld 237b2068f9 Revert "Merge branch 'feat/floki-fasthtml' into 'develop'" 1 week ago
benchmark.exs Instead allow a dedicated benchmark config 2 months ago
config.exs Revert "Merge branch 'feat/floki-fasthtml' into 'develop'" 1 week ago
description.exs Merge branch 'develop' into issue/1383 1 week ago
dev.exs Fixes for dynamic configuration 8 months ago
docker.exs Remove dynamic config as default, add healthcheck 5 months ago
dokku.exs CI: Add auto-deployment via dokku. 8 months ago
emoji.txt Remove longfox emoji set 6 months ago
prod.exs Set Logger level to :info in prod 2 months ago
releases.exs some refactor and tests 4 weeks ago
test.exs set oban crontab to false in tests 1 week ago