Local copy of Pleroma, an ActivityPub server software. Contains modifications running live on fedi.underscore.world
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Mark Felder 96697db3bc RelMe and Feed no longer configurable 2 weeks ago
API relay fix for admin-fe 1 month ago
administration Add mention of sudo -Hu pleroma to docs 3 weeks ago
configuration RelMe and Feed no longer configurable 1 week ago
installation Added cmake 2 weeks ago
ap_extensions.md Docs: Add documentation about chatmessages 5 months ago
clients.md clients.md: Remove Nekonium, Twidere-iOS, Feather; Add DashFE and BloatFE 3 weeks ago
dev.md I forgot to git add some files, oops (should be squashed with MR) 3 months ago
index.md Removed a space that was too much 3 months ago