Husky But With The Gab Rickroll Put Back In
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HBWTGRPBI (Husky But With The Gab Rickroll Put Back In) is a fork of Husky with the Gab rickroll put back in.

The only substantial difference between this fork and upstream Husky is name changes, and the re-inclusion of the Gab rickroll functionality, present in Tusky.


This project builds on these projects, in order:

Source code

The HBWTGRPBI repository can be found at

It contains the following branches:

  • main Current HBWTGRPBI
    • upstream/master Upstream husky-captainepoch
  • previous-main HBWTGRPBI as it was when based on husky-a1ba
    • previous-upstream/master Upstream master from husky-a1ba
    • previous-upstream/develop Upstream develop from husky-a1ba

Note that husky-captainepoch does not share a commit graph with husky-a1ba.


HBWTGRPBI is available under the GPL v3 or later license. See COPYING.

SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later