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Akkoma of underscore.world

This is the version of Akkoma which normally runs on fedi.underscore.world. It is largely the upstream Akkoma, with some minor modifications. If you wish to deploy Akkoma yourself, using upstream Akkoma is very likely more preferable.

For more information on Akkoma, see upstream readme in this repository, at README.original.md



  • Switched to rinpatch_blurhash for generating blurhashes instead of eblurhash (hint: use the Pleroma.Upload.Filter.AnalyzeMetadata upload filter to enable blurhash generation on the server side).

Older versions

  • Details of outgoing federation failures are logged (at info level)
  • HTML sanitizer permits more tags, such as <kbd> or <cite>


The canonical location of the repository for this fork is at https://git.underscore.world/d/akkoma. The underscore-world branch tracks fedi.underscore.world-specific changes; upstream changes are regularly merged into it.

Akkoma running on fedi.underscore.world reports its version in the pattern v0.0.0-uw0, where the v0.0.0 part is the upstream version, and -uw0 is the version of individual changes on top of that. Each fedi.underscore.world-specific version has its own tag in the repository.